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Get FREE Accommodation anywhere in the world!

If you are a good person we can help you get your free hosting for one semester anywhere in the world!

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All you have to do is tell your story to participate in this new initiative that our sponsor Uniplaces offers for you, you have the opportunity to be one of the winners of the 15 SCHOLARSHIPS UNIPLACES.


Participate and get your free hosting for one semester is very easy, just follow these 3 easy steps to get it:

1. Register on this link to start your application and request your scholarship Uniplaces or beca.uniplaces.com.
2. Help to one or more students.
3. Share it showing what you’ve done.


The criteria for winning one of the 15 scholarships Uniplaces are very simple, remember that there is a jury that will qualify your application:

We look for original and creative candidates. The more authentic is the application, the better. So it’s better not pretend and be yourself. Of course, an application which helps several people is probably better than one in which only helps a person. In the case where the jury is between two candidates, the number of votes of the videos will be the deciding factor. So now you know, the more you share your good deed will have more chances to be the winner!

We remind you to be original, surprise us with your initiative, be as authentic as possible, do not pretend and be yourself, while more students are helped will have more chances to win!

The number of votes is very important, do not forget to share your application!

beca Uniplaces

If you do not know Uniplaces we leave a brief overview about them:

Uniplaces is a global company that fosters student accommodation student mobility, especially facilitating the search process online accommodation to students.

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